Obesity & Associated Health Disorders

Obesity and overweight may increase the risk of many serious diseases health related problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. It also leads to short and long term health problems in pregnant women and their offsprings.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem; it is a chronic disease that can have a negative effect on many systems in your body. People who are 40% overweight are twice as likely to die prematurely as is an average-weight person.

  • Obesity and Liver Health
  • Sleep Apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides
  • Obesity and Depression
  • Obesity, Memory, and Cognitive Function
  • Obesity and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases

Related Conference of Obesity & Associated Health Disorders

June 25-26, 2020

22nd Global Obesity Meeting

Tokyo, Japan

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